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photography course of photoshop


       The educational program is intended for all photo enthusiasts who want to improve their knowledge in photoshop, photo retouching, post your own photos, photo editing.

Through academic lectures of photographer Boris Radivojkova ( participants will learn basic and advanced techniques of photo retouching and post-production of image processing techniques as well as photos, history, theory and aesthetics of retouch photos. Lectures will be based on practical work, theory, consultations, homework, processing photos in Photoshop and basis of participants self presentation.

Photography photoshop program of our school give participants possibility to learn not only different options of photoshop, but more important of that is actually how to think about the aesthetics of photography, design, art. Also is possible to learn some theory of art, design, webdesign, illustrations.


Number of classes are 16 double-classes - once a week for 2 hours. Duration of 4 months, and pay on a monthly basis - price 25 euros/ 1 month, whole program of 4 month is 100 euros.

The way of attending program: in group, individually and on-line.

In group learining refers to the usual way, the individual is related to individual work with a teacher in the same program, only in this case can be completed within a shorter period or a greater choice of times and dates, because it does not have to fit with the whole group. On line is the latest feature that is related to work live via Skype with a teacher, is designed to enable those attending who live in far locations or in other cities and even in other states, so that in this way can learn photography. For each of these types of education - after completion of the education students will get certificate.

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It is necessary to apply as early as possible because the number of participants per group is limited so that we maintain the quality of teaching. So, if one group is full, it is necessary to wait to form another group.

Photography school enrollment is always open! 

Interested can apply via the following on telephone:
Mob +381 (0) 63 669 744 / Home +381 (0)21 531 568

Contact person Boris Radivojkov