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retus fotografija - photoshop


       The course is for all photo enthusiasts who want to improve their knowledge in the field of image processing through Photoshop, to learn how to retouch old photos to get a beautiful and high quality pictures.

Most digital camera is fairly easy to use, and their size allows us to them at every opportunity we can take it with you. But it happens that we fail photos for different reasons - adverse lighting conditions, the inability to completely reassure hand when shooting, or because it might spoil a detail photo. These lapses often occur amateur photographer but sometimes porfesionalnim photographers. 

A computer software Photoshop gives us the opportunity to recycle photographs to highlight the advantages and disadvantages hide. Photoshop is a software that is used for post-production photography, photo retouching, and you can use it to create new images from existing ones. However, Photoshop is not as easy to use and to master the capabilities of the program, it is necessary to commit to reading the manual or attending the course. Quality manuals usually cost much, needs a lot of time to study and using the same are left to themselves. Weekend Course Photoshop in just two days, you will learn little tricks professionals on how to create your own beautiful and high quality pictures.

Lectures lead academy photographer Boris Radivojkov ( from which you will learn the basic techniques of photo retouching and post-production image processing techniques as well as photos, history, theory and aesthetics of retouch photos. Lectures will be based on practical work, theory and homework.

It is desirable that participants bring their own laptop computer, so it can be seen that the A direct their own computer to adjust what is, and is used, or in the event that something does not work, the on-site problem solving. In case someone does not have a lap top - can follow the course.

Number of classes is 2 double-classes - Saturday from 18-20h, Sunday from 18-20h / 20-22h Saturdays and Sundays 20-22h 
Price is 25 euros.

It is necessary to apply as early as possible because the number of participants per group is limited so that we maintain the quality of teaching. So, if one group is full, it is necessary to wait to form another group.

Photography school enrollment is always open! 

Interested can apply via the following email: / or on telephone:
Mob +381 (0) 63 669 744 / Home +381 (0)21 531 568

Contact person Boris Radivojkov