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pocetni kurs fotografije FKVSVpocetni kurs fotografije u Nikole Pasica 34, Novi Sadpocetni kurs fotografije FKVSV - radna atmosfera

        The beginner photography course is for people who want to improve the knowledge, experience and skills of photography - the study of all the settings of all parameters of the camera, photography techniques, photo editing - photoshop, learning theory, history and aesthetics of photography. The course is suited to those who use DSLR camera, prosumer and digital compact cameras. The course is possible to study the analog photo camera and the first month can be done and mobile phone cammera.Participants at the start of the course receive all necessary information on purchasing photographic equipment.

Time and day of classes
students can choose which they would like to be.

Number of classes: 16 double classes - once a week for 2 hours, and lasts for 4 months. Payment is on a monthly basis - the price is 2500 din

Location: A special advantage of maintaining the photography course in the gallery FKVSV, because the space is located in the center of the city Novi Sad, at street Nikola Pasic 34, and gallery offers students the opportunity to constantly enjoy the latest events and photo exhibitions.

Groups: Work in small groups up to 15 students, and so provides the best quality of education. The groups are usually different ages and that as base for good and positive working atmosphere. The course has no age limit.

Lectures are conducted in a modern and interactive way, by combining conventional and formal methods of education with contemporary informal practices - through individual and group work, practical work, exercise, demonstrations and interactive consulting teachers during lessons, with aime to be interesting, fun and contemporary way to enhance photography skills.

Professor: Academy photograher Boris Radivojkov (, that in a concise way teac and share knowledge gained in the last 15 years, through experience and study photography at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade Art University. Systematized the material that would require years of study but in learning through this photography course that lasts only 4 months. With book these knowledges can not be learned, and there are certain topics and technical details which are not even in books on photography - becouse mainly learning is through experience.

Themes: students learn how to photography: people, animals, landscapes, city, architecture, theater, sport, concerts, macro and documentary photography. This course includes learning how to shoot the most common themes that can be done with the compact, prosumer or DSLR photo camera.

Program: for course have 4 parts:
1. Composition: history, theory, aesthetics, plans, golden section, recomposing of frame in Photoshop applied to all subjects taken. Techniques of focusing, manual focus, a remote trigger or set the timer for self portrait or group photos. Providing basic information about buying and choosing the digital camera itself, information on buying a used equipment, we recommend the best model for the study of price and features, buying accessories: cards, batteries, parts of apparatus of which take into account the selection, display, equipment maintenance.

2. Exposure: aperture, iso, branch, branch adjustments in Photoshop), education when and how the right selection of which parameters. Modes: automatic, semiautomatic, manual, use and creative scene modes, the computer organization and archiving of images, Depth of Field - dof, optics, vignetting, flare. Historical review and contemporary photographs from the technical and aesthetic aspects. 

3. The usege and choosing parameters of: lens focal length, filters, perspective, white balance, temperature, light - or a pre-defined scene modes, the range of contrast, metering - zone metering, contrast, and the zone system, picture styles, formats File: RAW / JPG, adjustment and conversion, archiving, correcting the color spectrum in photoshop, color intensity, converting to black and white or in sepia toned or black and white photo, selectively changing the color photos in Photoshop and Camera Raw.

4. Light (natural, artificial) proper use of flash, direct, indirect, diffused, function and application of flash, fill-in flash, slow sync flash, types of lighting, perfect lighting, light quality, light direction, the use photography reflective disks, basic about photography subjects, basics of advertising photography work with hot lights, use a tripod. Photoshop: retouching portraits and skin, red eye correction, removal of defects caused by the shutter, the preparation for photo printing. Education on the creation of the portfolio or web site participants.

Certificate: By the end of the course receive a certificate FKVSV . (sample)

See the work of students: 2010-2012 please visit the link: "Gallery of students - beginner photography course"

Advice and consultation:
Free advices and consultations on the selection of courses as well as the purchase and selection of photo equipment info: @ / +381 (0) 63 669 744

The way of attending course: in group, individually and on-line.
In group learining refers to the usual way, the individual is related to individual work with a teacher in the same program, only in this case can be completed within a shorter period or a greater choice of times and dates, because it does not have to fit with the whole group. On line is the latest feature that is related to work live via Skype with a teacher, is designed to enable those attending who live in far locations or in other cities and even in other states, so that in this way can learn photography. 

Read more about interactive online photography course > read here

For each of these types of education - after completion of the course students will get certificate.

It is necessary to apply as early as possible because the number of participants is limited so that we maintain the quality of teaching.
Photography school enrollment is always open! 

Interested can apply via the following email: / or on telephone:
Mob +381 (0) 63 669 744 / Home +381 (0)21 531 568

Contact person Boris Radivojkov



Part I - Composition
Lession 1, The composition space: landscape / city
Lession 2, The composition portrait + info about buying new or second hand photography equipment
Lession 3, The composition of man and space (Pezaž / city), a group portrait
Lession 4,The composition of processing images in Photoshop - on the proper composition of frame
Part II - Exposure
Lession 5, ISO
Lession 6, Exposure time - Sutter / time value
Lession 7, Aperture
Lession 8, Tema: Exposure triangle + Photoshop
Part III - The parameters of the photo camera and the lens
Lession 9, parameters and metering
Lession 10, The parameters of white balance + types of photo cammeras
Lession 11, Parameters of the lens and the effects of camera formats (crop factor)
Lession 12, Photoshop i raw - Pic. Style + RAW - kontrast, saturacija, Zonski sistem
Part IV - Light in photography
Lession 13, usage of flash - integrated and external
Lession 14, Optimal lighting in photography, types of lighting and the using photography reflective disk
Lession 15, Working with continuous light for a portrait at studio or in the park
Lession 16, Photoshop retouching - lighting portrait
ceremony of giving certificates / exhibition