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        Photography courses are designed to be in English language in Serbia, for foreigners who stay in Serbia on one or more days / weeks, months and want to learn how to enhance their photography knowledge, experience and skills. Different courses cover different topics of photography. Admission to all courses and individual classes is open all year round! Registration: +381 (0) 63 669 744, There is no age limit for any photo course. Photography courses are prepared to be on English for foreigners who are in Serbia - one day or more, so have possibility to learn and work on photography. Depending on the level of courses and subjects are divided into:


pic1.jpg - BEGINNER PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE (in English language, in Serbia): includes training where participants will work in and be able to learn to operate a digital camera, the real composition of the scene and the maximum use requirements of natural and artificial lighting. The following topics will be covered: portrait, group portrait, the whole figure, landscape, architecture, groups of people, life, customs, stories, production and documentary photography. The program can be monitored with a compact camera or DSLR, the first month of may and mobile phone.  Number of classes: 16 double classes - once a week for 2 classes - 2 hours. Duration of 4 months, a payment on a monthly basis. 
Price is 25 euros per month (a total of 100 euros for 4 months).  |  Read more >>




pic1.jpg - WEEKEND PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE - (2 days) - (in English language, in Serbia): can be significantly improve photo skills of students only for two days and it can be also intro for beginner course. Participants will learn to handle the basic functions of a digital camera, how to make good the composition of the scene. It will cover most of topics: photographing people (the whole figure, portrait, group portrait), landscape, city, citiscapes. Number of hours to 4 hours - Saturdays until 20-22h and Sundays from 18-20h. / Fridays from 20-22h and Sundays 20-22h. Duration of two days - one weekend. 
Price for the entire two-day course - weekend course is 25 euros  |  Read more >>




- ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE (in English language, in Serbia): is about work in the photography studio, interior and exterior, where participants will learn: lighting technique, portrait, group portrait, fashion photography, commercial photography, stock photograph events, wedding photography, production photos, interior design, documentary, eksperimentala photography, creative photography, advanced techniques of photography, post production, photo-montage. Students should have the DSLR or prosumer with advanced features. Number of classes - 16 double classes - once a week for 2 hours. Duration of 4 months. 
Price is 30 euros per month (total 120 euros for 4 months)  |  Read more >>




pic1.jpg - PHOTOSHOP COURSE (in English language, in Serbia) - photo retouching, post-production, where participants will learn to work: retouch old photos, retouching of new photos, post-processing, for sale on stock sites, photo editing and creative photo manipulation. The requirement is that students have their own lap-top computer that will follow the lecture. In the case that students do not have their-own lap-top computer they can go individually and then the price of 7,5 euros for one hour. Number of classes in course - 16 double classes- once a week 2 hours. Duration of 4 months, a payment every month.
Price is 25 euros per month (total 100 euros for 4 months)   Read more >>




pic1.jpg - ON LINE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE (in English language)- An interactive on-line photo course through live audio and video communication via (skype), professor will teach student live - with direct video transmission. The program will adapt to each student. The course is supported with photo, video materials and links. This way will be possible to attend these courses: beginner, advanced, photoshop. Price is 5 euros per class. The course special suited to those who live outside the city and want to be educated in photography. To attend this courses students should only have good internet connection and a camera. 
Price is 5 euros / class of 45 minutes - or 20 euros per month for web seminar   Read more >>

pic1.jpg- INDIVIDUAL COURSE / CLASSES (in English language, in Serbia):
wwill be held individually with every student. Number of classes depends on the student and the topic. On this way is possible to attend any of courses in our school: beginner, advanced, photoshop, reportage, ect) in the form of individual classes. 
Individual class will be at a price of 7 euros, and studio photography class will be 20 euros. Price of this course depends on how many hours were held. Call for more information: +381 (0) 63 669 744, Boris Radivojkov
Price of one class is 10 euros for 1 hour



pic1.jpg - WEEKEND COURSE OF NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY (in English language, in Serbia): Participants/students will work in and be able to learn setting light to the photo, the composition of staff and maximize the conditions of natural and artificial lighting. Participants will learn: history, act through different styles, to find your style or approach to document image and post nude photography. Being hired professional models - one female model, and one male model. Number of working hours - 10h - Saturday 18-23h, and Sunday from 18-23h
Price is 100 euros.    




pic1.jpg - PHOTO TOURS IN SERBIA WITH TEACHING PHOTOGRAPHY (in English language, in Serbia): Organised tours and photographic excursions with educator, who will educate students how to shoot a variety of motives.





Photography school enrollment is always open! 

Interested can apply via the following email: / or on telephone:
Mob +381 (0) 63 669 744 / Home +381 (0)21 531 568

Contact person Boris Radivojkov