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       The course is for anyone who wants to approach a step closer to professional photography. Students will learn how to use photography to express their ideas, observations, impressions and attitudes. The requirement for attending this course is knowledge that provides an beginner photography course - basic photographic knowledge and skills and to have an advanced DSLR or prosumer digital camera. Working topics are: portrait, group portrait, fashion photography, commercial photography, stock, events of photography, wedding photography, intermediate photography, interior design, documentary, eksperimentala photos, creative photos, advanced techniques of photography, post production, photo montage in which participants will Learn to use advanced and creative photographiy techniques to present their ideas. This course is a extension of the basic knowledge, but also may be important in directing further participants and can discover their affinity. 


Theme: portrait, group portrait, fashion photography, wedding photography, repro photography, interior design, documentary, eksperimentala photos, creative photos, advanced techniques of photography, post production, photo montage.

Time and day of classes students can choose which they would like to be.

Number of working hours (classes): 16 double-classes - once a week for 2 hours, and lasts for 4 months. Payment is on a monthly basis - the price is 30 euros, the entire total course costs 120 euros. (4 months).

Location: A special advantage working at gallery of FKVSV, is that space is located in Serbia, at the center of town Novi Sad, street Nikola Pasic, nomber 34. It is near to Matica Srpska, and restaurant "Fontana".

Group: Work in small groups up to 6 participants, and thus provides the best quality of learning phoography. The different age groups and is the basis for good and positive working atmosphere. 

Methods: Lectures are conducted in a modern and interactive way, by combining conventional and formal methods of education with contemporary informal practices - through individual and group work, practical work, exercise, demonstrations and interactive consulting teachers during lessons, with aime to be interesting, fun and contemporary way to enhance photography skills.

Professor: Academy photograher Boris Radivojkov (, that in a concise way teac and share knowledge gained in the last 15 years, through experience and study photography at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade Art University. Systematized the material that would require years of study but in learning through this photography course that lasts only 4 months. With book these knowledges can not be learned, and there are certain topics and technical details which are not even in books on photography - becouse mainly learning is through experience.

Certificate: Upon completion of the course receive a certificate.

View works by students: 2010-2012 please visit the link "Gallery - advanced students of photography"

Advice and consultation:
Free advices and consultations on the selection of courses as well as the purchase and selection of photo equipment info: @ / +381 (0) 63 669 744

Method of attendance in group, individual.

- The group refers to the usual group of up to 10 participants. 
- Individual applies to individual work with a teacher on the same program, only in this case it is possible to complete in a short time or have more choice of terms because it does not fit with the whole group.

To attend this course, neccesary is to have the knowledge of basic photographiy - level of knowledge and experience of the participants who completed the beginner photography course.

Apply: on by telephone: +381 63 669 744, E-mail: - contact person is Boris Radivojkov

Need to apply as early as possible because the number of participants is limited so we can maintain the quality of education.



Schedule of classes:

Part - I
Lesson 1: Introduction to the photographic studio
Lesson 2: Photo Studio - 1 light - high key and low key
Lesson 3: Photo Studio - modifiers, background, backlight, butterfly
Lesson 4: Editing photos, branch, arranging images
Part - II
Lesson 5: working with 2 lights
Lesson 6: working with 3 lights
Lesson 7: working with 4 lights
Lesson 8: Editing photos
Part - III
Lesson 9: Stock photography I
Lesson 10: Stock photography II
Lesson 11: Macro photography
Lesson 12: Editing photos
Part - IV
Lesson 13: Light in Landscapes
Lesson 14: Filters for landscape
Lesson 15: HDR
Lesson 16: Editing photos
giving of certificates / exhibition